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Our benefits

Support Team

Get Support. Give us a few details and we'll offer the best solution. Connect by phone, chat, email and more.

100% guarantee

It is 100% guaranteed that if you focus, you will definitely be successful in life and career.

Verified Certificate

Verified certificates are certificates of completion with a fee that varies by course. Many learners use verified certificates for job and intens applications.

Free consultation

A free consultation is a one-on-one interaction, conversation, meeting, or interview given freely to share one’s thoughts and discuss possible opportunities of working together.


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Welcome to Cybertey. Develop anything.

Accelerate your career with Cybertey and get a Globally Recognised Internship, Training Professional Certificates.


Universal access to your data is one of our core values.

Cybertey has the best security analysts who, along with theory, teach the best practice aspects of the courses too.

More Cybertey features


Built with latest Bootstrap

Cybertey is the powerful front-end solution for websits and web apps based on Bootstrap 5 - the world's most popular responsive, mobile-first front-end component library.


Easy to Customize with Sass

Around is built using Sass. Easily change colors, typography and much more. It is the most mature, stable, and powerful CSS extension language in the world.


Kick-start your development

Start your development process fast and easy with Node.js and Gulp setup. Configuration files are included in the download package. Full tasks automation and local server hot reload.


Pug - Node templating engine

No need to write huge amount of HTML if you don't want to. Pug provides features not available in plain HTML like variables, includes, mixins, functions, etc.


Future-proof JavaScript

Around core scripts as well as all dependencies are written in vanilla JS. And now with Bootstrap 5 we finally don't need jQuery any more and we can use ES6 modules to structure the code.


W3C valid HTML code

All HTML files are checked with W3C validator to ensure 100% valid code. As you probably know invalid HTML limits innovation, but Around is innovative at its core.

Touch support

Touch-enabled sliders

In the era of touch screens it's important to ensure great user experience on handheld devices, when it comes to such frequently used interface component as slider.

Google Fonts

Google fonts

Around uses Google font (Inter) which is free, fast to load and of very high quality. Currently Google fonts library includes 1400+ font families to choose from.

Vector icons

Vector based HD ready icons

Around is equiped with font-based icon pack and svg icons to ensure that infographics and interface icons look sharp on any device with any screen resolution and pixel density.

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