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Sachin Jangra

CEO & Founder at Cybertey



Product Manager, Cybertey



VP of Marketing, Cybertey

Jan 15-16, '23
Panipat, HR

The biggest Seminar

The biggest Seminar

Ethical Hacking Seminar and PPT with pdf report: Ethical hacking is also known as penetration testing or white-hat hacking.




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Being a designer is not only about pure creative process. Design is also about communication with colleagues, managers, clients and experts. This connection can be done not only in the flow of current projects but also at a variety of design events held all over the world.So, today let’s briefly review what are the key benefits which designers can get from attending specialized events like conferences, meetups, workshops and so on.

  • You absorb knowledge and inspiration from experienced designers
  • You get live communication with experts
  • You can get the qualified feedback on your work
  • You get refreshed from your routine and check the trends discussed at the moment

Many developers go to meet-ups and conferences to learn something new, about either a specific topic or just something new that they might not have heard about. With many resources out there such as blogs and Youtube, we have many platforms to learn from, so what do meet-ups and conferences give us that’s different?

  • Networking is not something that every developer is fond of, but this communication between people is what brings so many benefits to developers at these events. Networking is where we talk about what we do, problems we might be having with some technology, or even just making new friends that do similar work as you do. This is where we share ideas, learn from each other and help each other grow. I found that this how I learnt the most from awesome people.

Corporate management training programs are important to leaders and business managers because they are vital to survive in a tough economy. With the help of these leadership development programs, positive results can be achieved:

  • Learning strategies that drive business growth are easily designed & developed.
  • Building a positive working environment can easily be achieved
  • Developing effective leadership teams is easy to accomplish.

Many marketing seminars provide ample opportunities for networking through special events, group luncheons and dinners and round table discussions. Networking gives you the chance to meet people who can broker connections, share information or become potential clients. Although you may feel self-conscious networking at marketing seminars, don't be afraid to introduce yourself, share your business card and get to know people at the many networking events held at seminars.

  • Gaining Knowledge.
  • Establishing Credibility.
  • Networking.
  • Securing New Business.

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